Plans modélisme yachts

Plans modélisme yachts


Please find attached drawings for models of modern motorised yachts,
reduced to 1/8 actual size.

They are all intended to be seagoing vessels, manufactured from frames,
a keel and various pieces of wood. I have also drawn the interior
fittings of all the decks. I can offer you several drawings, depending
on the size and the complexity of the boats.

Naturally, the vessels are shown in profile, front view and plan view,
but there are also sectional views of all the decks. I’ve provided the
details of all the frames, the keels, the various elements making up the
skeletons of the superstructures such as the cockpit, roof, garage hood,
etc... As an additional option, you can also have details of the items
constituting the fixtures: furniture, settees, wheelhouse seats, helm
station, etc.

I’m also giving you a brief listing of the minimum requirement for their
RC equipment: type of engine, variator, number of servos, type of
batteries or accumulators, together with a list of materials, mainly wood.

Once I receive your payment, I’ll mail you the various DWF A0 format
drawings (the very big drawings, with larger dimensions, are split up in
this format). Printable format in any copy shop. I’ll also send the
"cut-outs" of each drawing in PDF A4 format, which you can print
directly yourself.

There are currently 4 yachts available, but there should soon be more.
Here is the listing for the moment:

In order of size


yacht  flybridge -- 59,5 x 20 cm -- 1,4 Kg        

See détails  plans here :


yacht open -- 74,5 x 23 cm -- 1,9 Kg 

See détails  plans here :


yacht open hardtop  -- 104 x 26,5 cm -- 6,5 Kg 

See détails  plans here :


yacht open hardtop --171,5 x 37,5 cm -- 15,5 Kg 

See détails  plans here :




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